Born into a family built on generations in the world of fine jewelry, luxury is no foreign concept for Max Gengos. From flying to tradeshows with his parents to ogling sparkling diamonds in display cases, Gengos’ childhood was surrounded by quality, craftsmanship, and elegant design. It is no such surprise that those three luxury tenets followed Max Gengos into his future.

Gengos, pronounced jenn-joss, is a Greek name by way of Australia. His father’s family immigrated to Sydney from Kythira, the Greek island where Aphrodite is said to have emerged from the waves. Gengos constantly references his heritage throughout his design process. Not only has the world of myth followed Max (he names his styles after stars, moons, planets, and constellations, which are consequently named after Greek mythological figures,) but also has the Grecian drive for visual perfection—the “Golden Mean”—pushed Gengos ever forward toward creating the perfect piece of clothing.

Gengos began his formal design training at the Fashion Institute of Technology when he was 16, taking weekend classes while still in high school. After exhausting FIT’s syllabus, Gengos studied at Parsons School of Design, followed by a summer at the Rhode Island School of Design. Pre-college design courses soon proved no longer enough for the then 17 year old, who yearned to be working in the industry. With his wide-eyed determination, an unusually extensive portfolio, and a little bit of luck, Gengos was offered the opportunity to intern for Marc Jacobs. 

After his entrée into the industry at Marc Jacobs, Gengos went on to intern at numerous fashion houses including Calvin Klein, Derek Lam, Anna Sui, and TSE Cashmere, all while pursuing his undergraduate degree at the ivy-league Cornell University. Upon his early graduation at the age of 21, Gengos was immediately hired to design for Calvin Klein. There he ascended rapidly, taking on more responsibility as each season passed until he had control over the most successful categories in his division. In late 2013, Gengos knew it was time to step out in his own name.

Gengos began his label dressing clients for red carpet premieres and parties, while developing his first ready-to-wear collection for Resort 2015. Committed to the concept of “Responsible Luxury” Max Gengos works with only the best and most ethical vendors. The line sources its fabrics from Italy, France and the US, and produces its garments in high-end New York City facilities, in which Gengos works closely with the artisans to bring his designs to life with finesse and perfection. 

The Max Gengos aesthetic is sleek, strong, smart, and sexy. Gengos’ overarching inspiration is the marriage of space and futurism with the golden age of couture, two dramatically different influences that come together in the fusion of clean and modern styling with form-flattering and feminine silhouettes. Gengos communicates his aesthetic vision through the use of “incision” wrapping darts and seam work, heavy attention to interior detail and finishing, and luxurious materials.  Gengos’ quiet signatures bring quality, craftsmanship, and elegant design to each piece he creates, balancing out his “golden mean” between sex appeal and subtlety.